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 Jewish Pop Music Klezmer Ofra Haza
PIZMON Jewish A Cappella
Popular Jewish Choir
The Choir was created in 1995 in Buenos Aires, Argentina and it's integrated for 175 singers between women and men. Inside the site you can find the complete Choir history, songs, pictures and many others interesting things.
professional orchestra
Amiran Dvir has an professional Orchestra and he is one of the most famous pianists in Israel, he plays keyboard and sings.
Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach in The Jerusalem Report
This site contains an article on the portrayal of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach in The Jerusalem Report.
Rabbi Tuvia Bolton - Unique Music
This site has my two tapes "Behind the Catstle Wall" and "Moshiach Blues" on. A mix of English and Ivrit songs. Famous on radio stations such as Arutz Sheva in Israel....why not take a look?!
Radio Hazak - Israeli Music
Raizie: Shavua Tov
For women - modern music CD by new recording artist Raizie
Renewal Records
RenewalRecords LLC was founded in 2006 in order to produce, develop and distribute a variety of musical and artistic materials to renew and uplift the human spirit. Its initial project, the CD Songs of Renewal, contains ten songs, many already beloved, as well as some new offerings. While largely rooted in Jewish tradition, the music speaks to those of all faiths and beliefs.
Requiem The Song of the Murdered Jewish People
An orchestral version of Requiem composed after the poem by Holocaust poet Itzhak Katzenelson 'The Song of the Murdered Jewish People', describing the extermination of the Jewish life in Warsaw. Zlata Razdolina Composer, Moravska Philharmonic Orchestra, Victor Feldbrill Conductor. The work which lasts nearly an hour, is comprised of scores for large orchestra, choir and soloist (cantor), to be sung with the Hebrew words of the poem written by the Holocaust poet Itzhack Katzenelson. 'The Song of the Murdered Jewish People', was written during the poet’s detention in a transportation camp, Vitel-France, before he was deported to Auschwitz. The poem was buried in Vitel's soil where it was unearthed at the end of the war and was brought to a Museum on the Kibbutz 'The Ghetto Fighters' which is called after him. The poem ' a story of the Warsaw Ghetto' was written originally in Yiddish and has now been translated into many languages, including English, German, Hebrew and Russian. Due to funding shortage, the issued CD is only the orchestral version, with vocalize.
Reva L'Sheva Homepage
Reva L'Sheva is New Music fusing soulful roots with acoustic/electric rock. Weaving spiritual lyrics with Latin, African & Middle Eastern grooves, and binding them with love and understanding, reaching those who lend an ear. Listen and buy music
Ron Shulamit Music Conservatory
We provide quality music and dance education, bringing the arts to communities across Israel via our ballet troupes, chamber orchestras, ensembles, and youth choirs. Our Har Nof branch has opened a world of opportunity for religious girls: education and careers in music and dance. Previously cut off, they public now has access to concerts and dance performances, honoring religious requirements (all-female performances and venues).
#1 Jewish musical group in America. SAFAM's music is highly original with a creative blend of contemporary and traditional styles. SAFAM revolutionized the world of Jewish music from their origins in the 1970's. With 10 albums to their credit and a prolific performance schedule, SAFAM continues to delight its legions of fans.
Sam Glaser
The central site for Glaser Musicworks, one of the leading producer of quality Jewish music.
Savina Yannatou
Savina Yannatou is one of the finest singers of Judoe-Espanol (Ladino) song today. Her Cd of "Springtime in Salonica" is a celebration of the traditional songs of Salonica, Greece, a Jewish community that survived for hundreds of years and was wiped out by the Nazis in world War II.
Sefarad Records
Sefarad Records, a premiere world music label specializing in Spanish, Moorish and Sephardic music with songs in over ten languages. Features The Gerard Edery Ensemble with master singer / guitarist, Gerard Edery, oud virtuoso, George Mgrdichian, Middle-Eastern percussionist, Rex Benincasa and other world class musicians. Like a classical Gypsie Kings Messaggero.
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