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 Jewish Pop Music Klezmer Ofra Haza
Marilyn Gilbert Artists Management
We reprewent musicians who study and perform Jewish music
Michael Ian Elias
A vocal artist and composer with over 15 years of professional experience as a performer, studio vocalist and musician
Michele's musical events
Michele's musical events - provide music for every occasion, bringing Israel's top musicians to clients the world over. We are proud to represent the finest of Israeli artists from all fields of classical and contemporary music, performing in a variety of musical ensembles.
Milken Archive
The Milken Archive has recorded more than 100 hours of American Jewish music to encourage Jews to learn the music of their people--music most American Jews are not aware of--and to encourage composers to create works that reflect the Jewish experience in America. This site will familiarize our audience with the music, its composers and its artists.
Milot Ha'Nefesh
The new voice of contemporary Jewish music!!! Three unique voices combine to create one incredible performance. Milot Ha'Nefesh has exploded onto the Jewish Music scene with a combination of contemporary songwriting and stirring vocal harmonies presented in a wide range of musical styles. Made up of talented performers David Ross, Micha Liberman, and Suzy Zeffren. Milot Ha'Nefesh is a quintet whose performances you will not soon forget. With songs based on everything from Biblical texts to modern day issues confronting us as Jews, Milot Ha'Nefesh entertains audiences in synagogues, religious schools, day schools, and Campus Hillels with original Jewish Music to inspire people of all ages. Their new CD is now availible for purchase online.
Minsker Kapelye klezmer ensemble (Minsk, Belarus)
"Minsker Kapelye" klezmer ensemble of Minsk, Belarus, led by Dmitri Slepovitch. The ensemble performs in style close to so called "authentic klezmer". The musicians carry out expeditions and research on a regular basis, together with Dr. Nina Stepanskaya coming across Belarus and interviewing elderly people. The repertory consists of numerous pieces of east Ashkenazi wedding music, as well as pieces by Russian-Jewish composers of early 20th cent. (A.Krein, M.Gnessin).
Mizmor Shir
Historical Charleston, South Carolina's premiere Jewish voice! New CD release -- Mizmor Shir.
Moshe Skier Band
Home Page of the Moshe Skier Band, a Jewish Rock Band. Free MP3s, concert dates.
Mostly Music
The Heart Of Jewish Music.The worlds largest selection of Jewish Cd's Cassettes,Music Books & Videos. Lowest Prices Guaranteed
Mozaik - Klezmer Psychedelic Jewgrass Jam Band!
Mozaik is a dedicated core of Jewish musicians and a revolving international cast of guest musicians, puppet performers, dancers, and actors that have created Psychedelic Jewgrass - a new genre of improvisational and inspirational music. Imagine the scene when Coltrane bumps into the Dead at a Jewish Wedding...voila! Mozaik.
Music from God
Hebrew letters were translated to musical notes and played by top musicians on Biblical era instruments. Verses from the text of the Torah and the book of Psalms created the most amazing music ever heard. Many report a profound healing and calming effect. The Music from God project's goal is to translate the entire Hebrew text of the Bible into this heavenly music.
Music Jewbox
The greatest jewish music library on the net
A new site dedicated to Music Education in Israel. It contains useful tips and information about studying music in israel and offers a special free service: write your details and get by Email the names of the best music teachers for you in your area!
Nachman Me'uman
Rabbi Yisroel Odesser's Song of World Redemption
Naftali Lahav - Guitar and composer
Naftali Lahav - a guitar soloist and composer. Art in Israel music in Israel a list of Lahav guitar compositions
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