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Jewish Charities

Lema'an Achai
Lema'an Achai is a model community welfare program, based in Ramat Bet Shemesh. The organisation is young,dynamic and innovative - utilising over 150 professional level volunteers to assist 120 local families in crisis and poverty. Our unique 'smart chesed' approach applies objective disciplines, to traditional chesed and tzedaka.
Lifeline for the Old - Jerusalem
A non profit volunteer organization which provides elderly and disabled Jerusalemites with the opportunity to work productively and creatively.
Magen David Adom
A charity devoted to rasing money for Israel's emergency services. Donate online with our secure server and help save lives.
Magen Lacholeh - Shield for the Sick
A non-profit organization which provides medical consulting, referrals and assistance to people around the world, free of charge.
spacer provides the Jewish community with a fun, unique way of donating to various Jewish charities and organisations. Sign up for our text messaging program or download uniquely Jewish cell phone wallpapers, and a part of the proceeds go back into the Jewish community.
MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger
MAZON is a national nonprofit organization that allocates donations from the Jewish community to prevent and alleviate hunger among people of all faiths and backgrounds.
Meir Panim
Meir Panim Soup Kitchens in Israel is a network of 14 soup kitchen/restaurants dedicated to improving the quality of life of Israel's indigent population. They provide 240,00 hungry Israelis-of which 156,00 are children-with satisfying meals monthly. Meir Panim exerts maximum effort to reinforce the concept of unity among all sectors of Israel's social fabric through its relief activities.
Helping people in need is one of the greatest 'mitzvahs' in Judaism. Find out what people from around the world are doing to make social action a large part of their lives.
Mitzvah for Mikey
Mikey Butler is a young man who has cystic fibrosis. Mitzvah for Mikey was a campaign initiated by numerous NCSY regions to encourage its members to do a mitzvah in honor of Mikey in order that he should receive a refuah shelama. This campaign has reached new heights and there is now a website where you can signup online to do a mitzvah. In this way it is hoped that not only NCSYers can share in this chesed program, but people all around the world can take part as well. By taking part in this project not only are you doing a good deed, but you are also giving encouragement to Mikey, which is of paramount importance. Please seize this opportunity to do a great mitzvah and in your zchut, Mikey should Please G-d have a speedy recovery.
Neshama helps people with urgent medical needs find organ donors to help save their lives. Learn how you can help save a life - we have helped save lives and so can you.
Neve Michael Children's Home
Neve Michael is not an institution. It is a residential home for children at risk - a warm and caring environment for over 300 children aged three to eighteen who cannot stay with their biological families. The children come from all over Israel. They are the victims of neglect, physical and sexual abuse, and many have been witness to acts of violence. At Neve Michael, the children can grow, learn, and enjoy better, happier and healthier lives.
Neve Michael Children's Village
Neve Michael is a safe haven for Israeli children at risk whose biological parents can no longer care for them. We provide sustenance, education and a warm and caring environment for 250 children age 4 to 18. Neve Michael serves the entire country and has an elementary school on the premises as well as a crisis center for children that is open 24/7.
Newtown Hadassah
Newtown Hadassah, formed in 1987, has more than 500 members throughout Bucks County, PA. In addition to its general membership, there are two special-interest groups: Career Women's Network and 55 Plus. There's something for everyone - community service, fundraising, education, social events, advocacy, and more.
Nightingale House
Nightingale is the UK's largest Jewish residential and nursing home. With 160 years of caring for the community we offer 24 hour care. Facilities include: a very comprehensive leisure service programme, purpose built arts and crafts centre, reminiscence centre, multi sensory room, on site pysio therapy and occupational therapy services, synagogue, coffee shop, landscaped gardens,general shop, kosher food service.
Norwood Ravenswood
Norwood Ravenswood provides educational, community and residential services to over 6,000 socially disadvantaged children, vulnerable young adults and people of all ages with learning disabilities.
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