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Jewish Charities

Cucumber Communications Long Distance
Cucumber Communications is a long distance reseller that gives all its profit to Oorah, a Jewish charity organization. They have great rates - 4.5 cents state to state, 8.5 cents to Israel. Enroll now and get a free 2 night, 3 day hotel stay!
Den Danske Israelindsamling - Keren Hayesod Denmark
Tonnes of news of KH-activities in Denmark
Development Associates Group, Ltd. (DAG)
Your institution or organization is different from all others! Your fundraising, management and planning challenges are different too! Development Associates Group, Ltd services are innovative & flexible, and are tailored to your organization's mission and goals.
Donate Used Car to Bnos Menachem
Donate your used car, truck, bus or boat to a Girls academy in Brooklyn and get a reciept with our tax ID. Cars must run or in some cases we will be able to take cars that roll. We require a clean title. At this time we can only take donations in the New York city five towns area. See page for details
Since 1976, DOROT has been a lifeline for New York's homebound and homeless elderly and has fostered friendship and respect between the generations. DOROT's volunteer corps, over 9,000 strong, is the largest in the United States serving the elderly.
There are close to 50,000 abortions in Israel every year, many of which are due to economic concerns and can be prevented. The Efrat organization saves the lives of over 1,500 Jewish children every year by providing support to pregnant women in distress in Israel. 1-800-273-4314
Emergency fund for the jewish community in Argentina
After the Argentinean crisis in January 2002, Argentina lost its capacity to generate its own livelihood. This was especially the case of middle class Jews. This left no other option that depending on external help. The state collapsed, and so did the Jewish Community. Our Mission, then, is to provide people from the Jewish community with food, clothes, medicine, education and basic needs such as housing, electricity, gas, water, expenses and even to help them find a job.
Ezer Mizion
Adverse health conditions take an emotional and physical toll on sick people and their families. Whether the affliction is an illness or a handicap or wounds suffered in a terrorist attack, Ezer Mizion helps reduce that toll with activities geared toward serving their health needs. We believe that all of Israel’s citizens, regardless of their race, religion or nationality, should have a place to turn when health problems arise. Ezer Mizion is intimately involved in helping them overcome their difficulties. Our mission is to augment the medical establishment, giving the sort of help that medicine alone cannot provide. Ezer Mizion reaches out to enhance the quality of life.
Ezer Yoldot
Ezer Yoldot hamercazi based in Beitar Illit lending a helping hand to the needy of Beitar Illit, Beit Shemesh and the settlements of Gush Etzion, providing Meals on wheels, diapers, baby formula, housekeepers, and more.
Ezras Torah Relief Fund
Ezras Torah is a nonprofit Jewish relief organization, established in 1915, that specializes in supplying funds to needy Torah families in Israel and the world over. Its programs include Emergency Medical, Housing and Wedding Assistance, Holiday and Maternity Grants, Widow and Orphan Assistance, Special Needs Grants and Interest Free Loans.
Ezras Yisroel
helping the needy is our goal
Ezrat Avot Senior Citizen Center and Community Center
Ezrat Avot offers social, cultural, educational and nutritional services to assist and empower the elderly poor and their families within a supportive community. It also offers educational programs for disdvantaged children and "A Living Connection" school program promoting intergenerational relations.
Fine Art to Benefit
Non-profit site selling the artwork of Israeli artist Marian (Miri) Rosenfeld..and her twin Gail Rubinfeld to raise funds for "Ma'agan"- a cancer wellness center in Jerusalem, established four years ago in memory of Miri so that "Nobody will have to face cancer alone" again.
Förderverein haGalil e.V.
A Berlin located charity promoting the dissemination of one of the largest European Jewish internet programmes, haGalil. We also have English pages containing info for U.S. residents
Forgotten People Fund
Fund for needy Ethiopian families. Israel Registered Charity No. 58-032-322-8
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