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Israelis at Home - Gush Katif, Summer 2005
Close to 300 photographs of the Gush Katif inhabitants, their lifestyle, homes, synagogues, beaches etc.
The best israeli and jewish on-line music store. 1000's of cd's to choose from.
Israelisms...the lighter side of an intense country
Israel's first and only all Israel, all humor e-zine
Israel's Case
Explaining Israel's story in one webpage!
Israel's War Against Terror
History of the region, Background to the Oslo War, and events as they happen, texts and pictures. In Hebrew and English versions
IsraLotto - Share the dream... Support Israel. You win We win
IsraLotto - You are a partner in the dream of building up Israel, the ancient yet modern Jewish homeland. As soon as you’ve taken a subscription you are a winner: a partner in this noble enterprise. The Lotto has financed the establishment of hundreds of kindergartens and schools of all kinds, thousands of classrooms countrywide, scores of community centers, hundreds of various clinics, senior citizen day care and geriatric centers, and more recently metropolitan centers for art and culture.
IsraTV : the First International Israeli TV
First International Israeli TV Channel that broadcasts news and reports from Israel in English and French.
Jerusalem and Israel in 360 degree IPIX
Come view panoramic 360 degree photographs of Jerusalem and Israel with Virtual Jerusalem's IPIX.
Jewish Club Maoz
We are pro-Jewish, pro-Israel, pro-Torah. Our interests are Judaism, politics, history and everything that supports Authentic Jewish Idea. Worse than Jews for Jesus Worse than Jews for Gurus Worse than Jews for Marx Jews for Nothing.
A site devoted to informed discussion of Israel/Jewish issues and to vetting hostile media coverage of events in Israel and the Jewish world. The Editors are secular/Progressive Jews who support the aspirations of the Jewish State and who deplore the 'new revisionists.'
Keren David Movers
Keren David Movers is an experienced moving company serving Jerusalem, Beit Shemesh and Ramat Beit Shemesh. We can handle all types and sizes of moves- from big to small. We are Shomer Shabbos and only employ Jewish workers. Our moving company is fully guaranteed and insured. You and your belongings can feel safe with Keren David Movers! 057-316-0000
KIC - Israel Advocacy & Current Affairs
KIC-start your Israel experience with the New Voice for Current Affairs Sessions & Israel Advocacy Training in Israel. Michael also hosts an insightful, thought-provoking KICblog available through the site. He is an experienced Jewish-Israel informal educator with worldwide experience.
Land of Milk And Honey (A Web Book)
Explore a new web book on Modern Israel written for third and fourth graders! This is a social studies web book written by Rabbi Shmuel Jablon ( and Polly Wilkenfeld from a Religious Zionist view. Though originally crafted for Fuchs Mizrachi School, this book is open and available to all who are looking for help teaching about Israel....or who want to learn more themselves.
Landscapes of Israel
A site dedicated to the Landscapes of Jerusalem and Israel, drawings in black and white by Moshe Kaufman.
Learning Together: Israeli Innovations In Education That Could Benefit Americans
One of the most basic values Israel and the United States share is a commitment to education. In this study, we look in-depth at Israeli innovations in education that can benefit Americans. We believe the programs described here offer valuable lessons and examples for American policymakers and professionals.
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