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Encyclopedia of the Nations - Israel
Comprehensive and detailed information about Israel and every other country in the World
e-srael is the first virtual community in Israel. Everyone can build his free homepage. Once you joined, you receive free e-mail as well. Hebrew compatible.
Etta Israel Center
The ETTA ISRAEL CENTER is a nonprofit organization in Los Angeles, serving the needs of Jewish youth with special needs and their families. Our mission is to promote Jewish special education and inclusion programs, provide family support, sponsor teacher training, raise public awareness of learning and developmental differences and foster the inclusion of individuals with special needs within the Jewish community and the community at large. We serve children with learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, developmental disabilities, Down Syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, and other neurological disabilities, educational disabilities and physical disabilities.
Full statistical information about Israel
Galia, Messages From Heaven
A teenage brain damaged girl talks her mother into the Torah way of life via Facilitated Communication.
Gems in Israel
Gems in Israel, is a new subscription-based online publication that spotlights Israel’s lesser known gems, great places and people. Gems in Israel is for people interested in more than ust the major tourist attractions. For seasoned and first-time isitors to Israel and anyone who dreams of one day visiting he holy-land. The premier issue includes an interview with the irector of The Tower of David Museum of the History of Jerusalem and an invitation from the Mayor of Jerusalem to visit the capital of Israel.
GoIsrael is Israel's Mother of all Portals. One Click before everyone. Our website was rated the most comprehensive, and user-friendly portal in Israel by The Morning Herald. We connect you to every major portal in Israel, and around the world. We cover Local & World News, Sports, Entertainment, Business, Technology, Jobs, Restaurants, ISPs, Government, Shopping, we bring you the latests new Israeli sites, and much much more.
Haluach - classifieds
Search & Advertise free cars, homes, jobs and pepole thourgh an online board.
hasbara israel
I.S.G. was founded from the need of Israel and the Jewish people to centralize local \ distributed advocacy to one major united frontier towards worldwide distractive publicity against Israel and Jews. I.S.G. is not just another ‘HASBARA’ (advocacy) group; Operated by highly experienced professionals believing in the cause, as a voluntarily group, I.S.G. provides it’s customers with Internet based information services.
Havat Dribben Kiryat Arba Hebron
Havat Dribben is located near the biblical city of Hebron 26 miles south of Jerusalem in the hebron hills of Israel. Havat Dribben is the home of Eddie Dribben and family.
Hebrew and Israel knowledge forum
This is a forum where you can talk about everything related to Israel, Hebrew and Judaism. There are a lot of categories and there are contests too.
Helping Israel is a public service news, information and crisis center with the purpose of providing the international public with a means to directly assist the people of Israel in times of national emergency.
This is a website promoting Israel, a place to share ideas and opinions (and even recipes) on related topics.
History of Israel
Collection of the History of Israel Newspapers from
Holy Land Map
Holy Land Map is a drawing of Israel's landscape in the shape of a human figure. The correlation is so clear that the landscape is an Anatomy model. Sinai Peninsula is the torso. It is a new definition of Judaism and the borders of Israel.
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