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A+ Great Jewish Greeting Card for Any Jewish Holiday mailed directly from Jerusalem
The only company that gives you a unique opportunity to surprise your loved ones with Personalized Greeting Cards mailed directly from the Holy Western Wall! A unique place to shop for Jewish Holiday Cards for any Jewish Holiday, Birthday, Bat/Bar Mitzvah. Toys break, flowers wilt, and candy never lasts, but a Greeting Card mailed from Jerusalem will be remembered and treasured for years to come!
New Stained Glass Project by the Glasspainter John K Clark depicting the major Jewish Festivals for the New South Manchester Synagogue in Bowdon.
Jewish Family Celebrations
Unique gifts for celebrating any Jewish holiday. Gifts for holidays, children adults and the home.
Jewish London tours
Explore the fascinating rich heritage of Jewish London with Stephen Burstin, a tour guide for 25 years. Stroll along the alleyways and backstreets to little-known sites of Jewish interest on three different tours, each of which are both informative and entertaining. Stephen delights in sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm for Londonís incredible Jewish history. Public tours every Sunday for just £10. Private tours any day.
Jews Holidays
Send Personalized Unique Jewish Holiday Greeting Cards Mailed Directly from the Holy Kotel (Western Wall) of Old City Jerusalem! Surprise your friends and loved ones with a Jewish Holiday greeting for any Jewish Holiday, Birthday, Bat and Bar Mitzvah Toys break, flowers wilt, and candy never lasts, but a greeting card mailed from the Holy Kotel will be remembered and treasured for years to come!
Make me a story
we have a variety of flannel stories, hand puppets and finger puppets, for everyday learning and for every jewish holiday.
SABBATHLIGHTS are a new and unique replacement for conventional wax candles,eliminating ardous clean-up. They are dripless, smoke-free and fuelled by 99% pure Liquid Paraffin. The permanent glassfibre wick does not need replacment and these glass-candles will fit allmost all candelabras and candlesticks. They are available in either pear- or candle- shape. They will enhace the festive home, and are suitable for gift for many occassions.
Now you can create Shabbat, Havdalah or Hanukah anywhere. Each of our bags are perfect gift to give someone to use at home or traveling. Start a new Tradition with a bag of blessings
The City Congregation for Humanistic Judaism
The High Holidays are a time to consider the possibilities for change, for improvement, for happiness that we can create ourselves. Acknowledging human courage and independence, we achieve human dignity. Our services feature a combination of familiar passages, innovative language, and inspiring music, which give evolving expression to our holiday themes. Members participate in reading the service along with our rabbi.
Time It Right
Time It Right, a product of AutoTime, LLC, is the only home automation system based on the Jewish calendar. It is able to incorporate Shabbos and each Yom Tov's individual needs into its timing scheme.
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