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 Rare Jewish Books
Success Story
Storytelling and storymaking programmes from an acclaimed Jewish storyteller
Targum Press Jewish Books
If you're a young reader or an adult, if you're committed to an observant life or merely curious about Judaism, if you're looking for inspiration, education, or enlightenment Targum Press has books for you.
The Future of Israel by Devin Sper
The Future of Israel is a book that had to be written. Devin Sper makes a solid, compelling and passionate case for why the Israeli people must take charge of their future and renew their sense of purpose. The book is must reading for anyone who cares for the future of Israel and her people. I can't recommend it highly enough!
The Jewish Mall
The Jewish shopping mega-mall is the largest collection of jewish books, Silver ware and Judaica items. It has almost any title on the earth. It has Halacha books, Gemara and Mefarshim, as well as easy reading books. You will find here Hebrew books, English books as well as many other languges
The Learning Plant
The Learning Plant, your first choice for gifts and holiday items for the Jewish Family. We at The Learning Plant, offer a very user friendly Online Mall. Don't forget to ask for our FREE cataloge. At The Learning Plant, we realize, that YOU, the customer, are Priority One. Please visit us at anytime, we'll leave the lights on.
Torah Journeys - The Inner Path To The Promised Land
Shefa's long-awaited book, "TORAH JOURNEYS The Inner Path To The Promised Land" has just been released: The Torah is the map. You are the territory. Each weekly Torah portion brings us a blessing, a challenge and an opportunity for spiritual transformation. An inspiring guide to finding your way through the landscape of the Torah... and finding the Torah in you ....
Torah Treasures
Torah Treasures, you one stop shop for all Jewish books, gifts and articles
Toronto based Judaica Book and Gift store
ISRAEL'S, the Judaica Centre is Canada's leading distributor of traditional Judaica artifacts and cultural items.
U.S. Judaica (R) WWW Catalog
Urim Publications
Forging new paths in producing significant works of wide Jewish interest, Urim Publications is dedicated to publishing and distributing classical and contemporary works of the highest caliber. Our main areas of interest include: Jewish Law and Modernity, Feminism and Orthodoxy, Modern Biographies, Original or Classic Torah Commentaries, Spiritual or Meditative Works and Children's Illustrated Books.
Virtual Judaica
DATABASE - of approximately 2,000 Hebrew book titles in 5000 editions, printed prior to 1800, consisting of: prices realised on the auction block (20,000 plus entries); full paginations; bibliographical descriptions and references. INTERNATIONAL JUDAICA BOOKSTORE: The inventories of numerous Judaica booksellers, offered for sale, in one store on the Web. REFERENCE PAGE - our experts will respond to any Judaica inquiries. APPRAISAL SERVICE - We will estimate the value of rare books, manuscripts, art, objects, etc. free of charge. GIFT SHOP - GIFTS!
Wiz Kids
We're an internet book store based in Israel specializing in outstanding English language children's books, tapes/CD's, workbooks and more. Rely on our expertise, and choose from our selection of prizewinners and bestsellers, or send a gift certificate and let them choose for themselves! Cheaper and faster than shipping from overseas!
Unique Humorous/Jewish Gifts; featuring 'SABRA DOG' - the Jewish/Israeli Canine: Books,Posters,T-shirts,Mugs,Totes,Clocks,etc...
Yashar Books
Yashar Books is a new publisher of Orthodox Jewish books for contemporary readers and thinkers, dedicated to providing open access to the world of classical and contemporary Jewish ideas.
Zionist Book Club
The Zionist Book Club was formed just as the Barak government was about to come into power. The banner heading of the full page advertisement that we ran in the Your Jerusalem newspaper said, Read These Books Before the New Government Bans ThemOur most recent publication is the two volume edition of Rabbi Marvin Antlemans, To Eliminate the Opiate.
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