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Kosinski Gallery, Jerusalem
Watercolors of Jerusalem, Israel, Sinai, Jordan and limited edition prints.
L' art en Israel
Les sources jaillissantes dIsrael
Lana Laor Art gallery
The Israeli painter Lana Laor presents in her gallery in Safed oil on canvas paintings. Her paintings series "Encanted Safed" transfer to the viewer the unique, enchanted atmosphere of Safed - the city of Kabbalah.
Landscapes of Israel
A site dedicated to the Landscapes of Jerusalem and Israel, drawings in black and white by Moshe Kaufman.
Art of Sydney based jewish artist Roman Lapp. Roman came to Australia from Latvia in 1994 after graduating from the Latvian Academy of Arts. He has had several exhibitions of his paintings in Europe, Latvia, Danmark and Australia. Jewish symbols feature extensively in his art which is often inspired by the earliest Torah stories. Roman`s pictures often related to Jewish themes and history, memory and myth.
Learning about the Holocaust through Art
Learning about the Holocaust through Art provides high-quality reproductions of art works produced during the Holocaust. It also includes biographies of the artists and histories of the ghettos and camps in which they were interned. Study resources and lesson plans support its use in the classroom and an interactive section enables users to choose and annotate works for their own online collection. The website is available in both English and Hebrew, with Russian and Spanish versions planned. It has been jointly produced by World ORT (an international educational charity) and Beit Lohamei Haghetaot (a major Holocaust museum in Israel).
Lions Gallery
Lions Gallery features a collection of contemporary and earlier periods of art, specializing in works by Jewish and Israeli artists. The collection at Lions Gallery includes fine art in all media, from paintings and sculpture, to rare books, textiles, prints and ephemera spanning the last two centuries.
Lior Neiger, a young painter living and creating in Jerusalem
Lior Neiger, born in Jerusalem, 1972, graduated from the 'Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design', 1998 exhibits here a series of Jerusalem landscapes.
Lynne Feldman Studio: Judaic paintings and serigraphs
Paintings and serigraphs that express the joy and beauty of Judaic culture.
Madelyn Jordon Fine Art
Fine Art gallery exhibiting the work of Israeli photojournalist Atalia Katz
972 is an Israeli non-commercial digital magazine featuring different aspects of visual art. We hope it reflects our lives at this time and place. 972 is an open platform and welcomes new creators.
Martsef Mosaics
Martsef Mosaics creates custom mosiac designs for home public spaces. A unique and beautiful collection of designs, based on the Hebrew Alephbet, is currently underway. The "Letters of Learning. Layers of Meaning" collection can be viewed at the Martsef Mosaics web site and are available in mosaics and high quality prints. A poster of all 22 letters will be available upon completion of the collection.
Micah Zimring Calligraphy
Jewish calligraphic ceremonial art including ketubot, invitations, and inscription
Michael Falk Art Gallery
Many of Falk's themes are taken from the Old Testament. His paintings reveal a deep love for the land and for animals, reflecting his work as a farmer in Israel. Falk's paintings have been exhibited in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and are to be found in private collections in Israel and abroad.
Michael Kovner - Israeli Landscape Paintings and other works
"Mr. Michael Kovner is one of the most outstanding painters of the younger generation I have met... " I believe he possesses a rare and instinctive capacity for the imagery, color, and structure in his painting. More, that his vigorous strength and plastic energy is what strikes me as being unique." (A Letter from Philip Guston, 1975)
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