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Israel Election 2006 Latest Updates

20th December 2005
Following internal Likud elections for a leader, Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu won the vote and will lead the Likud into the 2006 Elections.

1st December 2005
At the age of 82, Shimon Peres has decided to quit the Labor party and join forces with Ariel Sharon's Kadmina party.

24th November 2005
Ariel Sharon registered his new party today which is to be named Kadima, which means Forward in Hebrew.

23rd November 2005
Today, President Katzav signed the order to dissolve the Knesset. Israel's early General Election for the 17th Knesset will take place on March 28, 2005.

Haim Ramon has announced he is to quit Labor and join Ariel Sharon's new party.

21st November 2005
In a dramatic but somewhat expected move, Ariel Sharon has decided to quit the Likud and establish a new political party taking with him 12-14 Likud MKs including Finance Minister Ehud Olmert, Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, and Ministers Avraham Hirschon, Meir Sheetrit and Gideon Ezra.

Sharon will then ask the president Moshe Katsav to dissolve the Knesset. As per the law, elections will then take place within 90 days. March 28 2006 is the expected date.

18th November 2005
In November 2005, Amir Peretz became the newly-elected leader Israel's Labor Party ousting the veteran Shimon Peres who was currently serving a vice-Prime Minister of the Ariel Sharon Likud led coalition. Peretz has called for immediate early elections and in the coming days, the current government will be dissolved and a date set for elections which is expected to take place in March / April 2006.

Ariel Sharon, the current Prime Minister and leader of Likud party will shortly decide if we will race again for the leadership of the Likud against his rival and ex-Prime Minister Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu or split the Likud (which he helped establish) and form a new right of centralist party.

The 2006 Israel Elections are anticipated to be momentous in the history of the State of Israel changing once more the political landscape. Amir Peretz has said he will fight the election on poverty and not the Peace Process.

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Israel's Prime Ministers
2001- Ariel Sharon
1999-01 Ehud Barak
1996-99 Bibi Netanyahu
1995-96 Shimon Peres
1992-95 Yitzchak Rabin
1986-92 Yitzchak Shamir
1984-86 Shimon Peres
1983-84 Yitzchak Shamir
1977-83 Menachem Begin
1974-77 Yitzchak Rabin
1969-74 Golda Meir
1963-69 Levi Eshkol
1955-63 David Ben Gurion
1954-55 Moshe Sharett
1948-54 David Ben Gurion

Quick Facts
•The Knesset is the parliament of Israel
•There are 120 member seats in the Knesset
•Any Israeli citizen 18 or over can vote
•Absentee ballots from abroad are not allowed except Israeli embassy employees
•Elections take place every four years unless early elections are called by the Knesset



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