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Israel Elections News

2/10/2009 8:43:53 PM 99% Votes Counted - Kadima Leads
Kadima - 28
Likud - 27
Yisrael Beitenu - 15
Labor - 13
Shas - 11
Yehduat Hatorah - 5
National Unity - 4
Ra'am Ta'al - 4
Hadash - 4
Meretz - 3
Jewish Home - 3
Balad - 3

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2/10/2009 12:02:21 PM Polling Closed. Exit Polls - Kadima has the edge
The polls closed at 10pm this evening for the 18th Knesset. The exit polls published from the major TV networks are as follows:

Channel 1 : Kadima 30, Likud 28, Yisrael Beitenu 14, Labor 13, Shas 9
Channel 2 : Kadima 29, Likud 27, Yisrael Beitenu 15, Labor 13
Channel 10: Kadima 30, Likud 28, Yisrael Beitenu 15, Labor 13, Shas 9
Ynet : Kadima 28, Likud 26, Yisrael Beitenu 16, Labor 14, Shas 10

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2/9/2009 10:22:58 PM Israel Election Day
Voting for Israel's 18th Knesset began today at 7am. There are 5,278,985 registered voters who will cast their votes for one of 33 parties in 9,263 polling stations. Voting ends at 10pm.

Based on the last polls, it is a tight race between Kadima and Likud.
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2/5/2009 9:44:49 PM Latest Polls from Haaretz / Dialog
The latest polls from Haaretz /Dialog shows the gap tightening between Likud and Kadima. Yisrael Beiteinu gathering strength.

Likud 27, Kadima 25, Yisrael Beiteinu 18, Labor 14, , Shash 9, Meretz 7, Torah Judaism 6, National Union 4, Ra'am-Ta'al 3, Hadash 3, Jewish Home 2, Balad 2
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2/1/2009 4:22:31 AM Teachers Party stands down
The teachers party Change Education will not be standing for the elections. They failed to inform the Central Elections Committee and as a result the 7 million voting papers for this party were printed and will now have to be thrown away. The party had reserved the letters פח for the voting which ironically means garbage in Hebrew.
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1/23/2009 11:59:43 PM The Cost of the Elections
206 Million Shekel ($65M) Budget for the Central Elections Committee
1.2 Million Shekel ($300K) Food and Drink for workers at the Polling Stations on Election Day
48 Million Shekel ($21M) Salaries for Election employees
1.4 Billion Shekel ($350M) lost due to the Elections being a nation holiday.
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1/22/2009 10:45:54 PM Latest Polls from Globes
Likud 32, Labor 15, Kadima 21, Shash 9,Israel Beiteinu 16, Meretz 5, Torah Judaism 5, National Union 3, Jewish Home 4, Hadash 3,Ra'am-Ta'al 4, Balad 3

Likud continues to gather strength as Kadima weakens. There is a general view that the operations in Gaza has moved the Israeli public to the right.
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1/21/2009 11:59:32 AM Supreme Court revokes ban on Arab parties
The Supreme court has overturned the decision of the Central Elections Committee to disqualify UAL and Balad lists from the upcoming elections in Israel.

Following the decision last week of the Central Elections Committee, an appeal was filed by the Arab political parties to the Surpreme Court.

The vote of the Supreme Court judge was unanimous.
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1/12/2009 10:27:08 AM Central Elections Committee disqualify UAL and Balad lists
The United Arab List and Balad List were disqualified overwhlemingly by members of the Central Elections Committee for the upcoming elections. The petition was raised by Israel Beiteinu, National Union and Itai Furman based on section 7A of the Basic Law saying that these parties were involved in incitement, supporting terrorist groups, refusing to recognize Israel's right to exist and traveling to "enemy" countries banned by Israel.
The High Court of Justice must rule on the decision by Friday, the final date for submitting Knesset lists.
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1/8/2009 12:33:48 AM Latest Poll from The Wave Research and Israel Today
Likud 33 (-2), Kadima 27 (+1), Labor 15 (+7). A big boost for Labor and a recovery for Ehud Barak who is the current Defense Minister and leader of the Labor party. The Right Wing block has 61 mandates and the left wing block has 59 mandates
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